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The Survival Kit that every freelance writer needs in their back pocket… before sh*t hits the fan.

On the outside, Mason kept it cool. 


But inside, he was panicking.

He’d just lost his biggest client. One of three. The client that he’d been working with for years… and made up 75% of his income. 

And he had no idea how to find a new client who’d pay him that much.

Doubts attacked his flank -- am I even good enough to keep doing this? 

He fingered his pocket for his phone.

Scrolled to the phone number for his old boss.

He contemplated asking for his job back.

He even typed out the text.

A thousand emotions flooded his chest.

He hit send. 

My name is Mike Blankenship. I'm a full-time freelance writer, Forbes-mentioned copywriter, and world traveler.

If you don’t know where your next client is coming from... 

If you’re afraid of the freelance writing dream coming to an end...

If you hate fighting for new clients on crowded platforms like UpWork, LinkedIn, and Facebook Groups…

And if you want to grow your freelance writing business to 6-figures and beyond... 

...then you need to read EVERY WORD on this page because I’m about to show you a proven system for surviving and THRIVING as a freelance writer for years or even decades -- for finding clients, getting paid what you deserve, raising your rates, and more. 

I’ll unpack the system -- or "survival kit", as I call it -- for you in a sec.

First, quick backstory:
I Did Everything The “Gurus” Told Me To Do
Once upon a time....

I would do everything the online freelance writing “gurus” told me to do to find clients. 

Join Facebook groups or Slack groups, list yourself on UpWork, get active on LinkedIn, stab yourself in the eye with a fork... blah blah blah. 

I spent hours every day sweating over UpWork applications that didn’t even get looked at.

I wrote LinkedIn posts that didn’t get a wisp of engagement.

I applied to jobs I found posted in Facebook groups and never got a response.

It was so silent you couldn’t even hear any damn crickets.

The lack of momentum made me nervous.

What would I do if I lost my biggest client? 

Was I really just a few client losses away from the freelance writing dream coming to an end?

As it turned out, yes... yes I was. 
Then The Axe Fell
I got the email that changed everything while I was sitting in a coffee shop, trying to get some work done.

"Hey Mike, With the addition of a full time copywriter and SEO guy we can't justify keeping 2 of each when we can be pointing that budget elsewhere. This will be the last month we'll need your help on the copy side of things. Thanks"

This was the EXACT  thing I feared... come stomping down the dark alleyway to consume me. 

It was one of my biggest clients.

Not just that, but they were someone I’d worked with for over three years.

I knew they might leave at some point… but I wasn’t expecting it to happen so suddenly.

I couldn’t shake the emotions…

Stress. Anxiety. And the unrelenting feeling of failure.

What was I going to do? 

How was I going to really succeed as a freelance writer if I didn't even know how to handle losing a single client??
That’s When Sh*t Got Real
When life throws shit in your face, at first it sucks. 

But if you can harness that negative energy, you can use it for something good. 

You can use it to make progress. 

The first thing I had to admit to myself was that, up until now, I'd been riding the waves of luck and good fortune. 

I'd had NO PLAN for this inevitability.

And it WAS inevitable, to be clear -- all clients leave eventually. 

I looked myself in the mirror.

“No shit, Mike. What did you think would happen? That it would always be easy and you’d never need to have a plan for finding new clients?”

I realized that if this is the lifestyle I really wanted to pursue…

...a lifestyle that had allowed me to travel with my family, stay home with my daughter, and take random days off whenever I wanted... 

…that if I wanted to be a successful full-time freelance writer for any decent amount of time…

… then I needed a gameplan.
The Secret To Surviving & THRIVING as a Freelance Writer
I took a deep breath.

I grabbed a piece of paper.

And I started scribbling.

My goal?

To find another client as quickly as possible.

I started outlining scripts, outreach methods, and ways to build instant rapport.

I scoured the internet for places where I could find fast-growing startups.

I researched the best follow-up tactics known to freelancers.

Like a man trying to capture his dream upon waking… …I sketched out a system for finding a new client NOW.
Light At The End Of The Tunnel
Then I took action.

And something crazy happened.

Within one week, I’d landed my biggest client to date — willing to pay me $10,000+ per month.

I couldn’t believe it.

There were some kinks to work out.

And what I scribbled on a piece of paper then was a shadow of the system I now use.

But it worked.

And it still is the system I use to find new clients whenever I need them -- with just a couple hours per week of effort.

In fact, it works so well… … that I REGULARLY have too many clients and I end up passing half of them off to other writers.

Cool, right?

But that's not all I created during that "dark night of the soul" -- I also created other simple systems I'd need if I intended to really succeed as a freelance writer. 

Systems to raise my rates...

Find high-paying clients that other freelance writers weren't pitching... 

Pitch and get a response...

Close the deal...

And more. 

These systems are simple. But they're game-changing.

And they're the exact things that I believe every freelance writer needs in their back pocket... before shit hits the fan.
Goodbye Stress, Hello Freedom
Thanks to this simple system, I…

  • Unearthed a supply of clients that almost all freelance writers ignore.
  • Choose only the best clients to work with.
  • Gained leverage in my current client relationships… because I now had a system for finding more clients if needed.

I didn't stop there. 

  • I doubled my rates.
  • I passed the $20k per month marker.
  • I started branding myself as one of the best copywriters on the market.
  • I moved my family to Hawaii just for the fun of it!

Most importantly, I was able to enjoy the freedom that freelancing has to offer again… 

...without worrying about what I’d do when I lost a client.

I just tap into this system when I need it, turn it “on”, and watch the leads flow like a rushing river.

Now it’s your turn.
Why I’m Sharing My System With You
The answer is simple: I have a passion for helping other freelance writers find success.

When someone messages me and tells me how this system has changed their life… not even the grumpiest gorilla could wipe away the smile that spreads across my face.

This is a brand new Survival Kit that freelance writers can put in their back pocket… so you never have to worry about where your next client is coming from again.
How Would Your Life Change if You Could Stop Worrying... & Start Thriving?
If you fear the freelance dream coming to an end…

If you wish you had bigger and better clients…

If you freak out whenever you lose a client... 

… then I’d like to introduce you to my simple system for surviving and THRIVING as a freelance writer.
Introducing The Freelance Writer’s Survival Kit
The Freelance Writer’s Survival Kit is a simple & proven set of systems and scripts to help freelance writers find potential clients, close the deal, and raise their rates. 

Here's How It Works
Step One is to get this program BEFORE the special offer goes away and the price increases.

This is a first-come, first-served opportunity, with this special pricing being limited to the first 100 action-takers.

Step Two is to download and devour the Freelancer’s Survival Kit, where you’ll get everything you need to survive and thrive as a freelance writer.

Step Three is to sit back, relax, and enjoy a new level of peace of mind… knowing you have easy access to more clients whenever you need them.

Inside of the Freelance Writer’s Survival Kit, you’ll get…

Five Self-Replenishing & Uncrowded Sources of Fast-Growing Companies That Are Hungry For Freelance Writers ($100 Value)

My High-Response-Rate “R.V.A.” Scripts For Pitching Your Freelance Writing Services -- Specific & Distinct Scripts For SEO Writing, Copywriting, & Blog Writing. ($300 Value)

BONUS: 3-Part Follow-Up System That Guarantees a Response ($50 Value)

BONUS: Rate Quoting Scripts That Inspire Action ($50 Value)

BONUS: The Simple System To Raise Your Rates as a Freelance Writer Without Getting Fired ($100 Value)

In addition, you’ll learn…

The Three Reasons Why 99% of Pitches Don't Get a Response...

The Secret To Raising Your Rates With Existing Clients Without Getting Canned

How To Increase Your Income RIGHT NOW By Thousands of Dollars Per Month With a Single Email to Your Existing Clients

How to Build Your Own Dependable Source of Client Leads With Just Two Hours of Work Per Week (or less)

How to Determine & Quote Your Rates With Confidence Using My “Go No Go” System

How to Stop Stressing & Enjoy The Freedom That Freelance Writing Has to Offer!

If you want to survive and thrive as a freelance writer for years to come…

Then these are the tools you’ve been waiting for.

It’s the tried and proven systems I’ve spent the last five years refining inside of my own freelance writing business…

…the same systems I used to grow my income from $20,000 per year… to $20,000 per month.

But don’t just take my word for it.
Here’s What Others Say About The Freelance Writer’s Survival Kit...

"I bought your system and it's fantastic. The first pitch got me a response and it looks like we'll be working together. Cheers!" - Wade Nelson

"Straightforward and applicable"

"This is straightforward and applicable. Now I can skip hours of Google searches and use a proven strategy that leads to bigger and better clients." - Brianne Bagge

"Will help me find more clients"

"This will definitely help me find more clients, instead of spending thousands of dollars on some bullsh*t course. Real value here. Thanks!" - Zackary Baker

"Action-oriented and to the point"

"This system is so valuable. You get real steps to take—specific websites to use, exact templates to copy—rather than just general advice. It's action-oriented and to-the-point for freelancers who are ready to get more clients now." - Melissa Rosen

"Gets you off the emotional rollercoaster"

"Mike's system will get you off the emotional rollercoaster. It's so actionable that you can literally follow along and have sent out your first pitch (or three!) by the end of it." - Courtney Goudswaard

"Never have to worry... again"

"This is awesome. Straightforward. Practical. And I’ll never have to worry about how I find and land freelance clients again. Whew!" - Michael Draper

"This is a shortcut for freelance writers"

"Mike is letting us in on some of the best-kept secrets for finding clients. This is a shortcut for freelance writers who want to scale their business ASAP." - Liam Carnahan

"This gives me everything I need"

"Holy smokes! You should charge like $1,000 for this. This gives me everything I need to get an ongoing stream of clients." - Kassidy Miller

That being said...

This Survival Kit Is NOT For Everyone

If you’re uninterested in growing your freelance business…

If you’re perfectly happy to go get a full-time job when shit hits the fan…

If you don’t care about the freedom that freelance writing has to offer…

Then this kit isn’t for you.

On the other hand…

If you want to grow as a freelance writer, land bigger and better clients, raise your rates, and achieve true FREEDOM and PEACE OF MIND... 

Then you and I are kindred spirits and I made this for you. 

Imagine If Every Day Was Like Your First
Imagine not freaking out the next time you lose a client -- but viewing that instead as an exciting opportunity to find bigger and better clients. 

Imagine doubling or even tripling your rates over the next year because you have an ongoing source of client leads, which gives you the leverage to charge what you want. 

Imagine raising your rates with existing clients steadily to make thousands more per month (without getting canned). 

Most importantly, imagine you are able to enjoy all of the freedom that freelance writing has to offer... all because you have simple & proven systems in your back pocket for finding new clients whenever you need them.
How Much Is Peace of Mind Worth To You?
If there was a notebook that gave you everything you needed to survive and thrive as a freelance writer... without stressing out whenever you lost a client... how much would you pay for that? 

For most freelance writers, that would be worth thousands of dollars  (at least)...

But I’m not going to ask you to pay thousands of dollars to get the Freelance Writer’s Survival Kit.

That would be crazy.
Why It’s Only $47
I KNOW the Freelance Writer’s Survival Kit works because I’ve used it and many other freelance writers have used it with staggering results.

But here’s the thing: Although I know you’re going to love this survival kit and find it to be absolutely game-changing for your freelance writing career…

YOU don’t know that yet.

We’ve only just “met,” if you can call it that, and chances are you’re skeptical.

I get it.

So, as a show of good faith…

And at risk of cheapening the value of a system I KNOW you’ll look back on as the single most game-changing resource for your freelancing writing career…

I’ve decided to let the first 100 freelance writers get their hands on it for just $47.

That’s less than you’ll pay for your coffee habit over the next week.
This Works For You Or You Get Your Money Back
To make this decision even easier for you, I’m also backing your investment with a 60-day money back guarantee.

Here’s how it works. Enter your payment info on the next page and get your Freelance Writer’s Survival Kit for just $47.

If you don’t like the system for ANY reason, just send me an email within 60 days of purchase and I’ll immediately issue you a prompt and courteous refund.

No questions, no hassles, no “exit surveys,” nothing.

In other words, you have absolutely no risk whatsoever when you get your Freelance Writer’s Survival Kit.
How The Price Will Go Up
To be clear:

This special launch pricing of $47 is ONLY available for the first 100 action-takers.

After that, I plan on increasing the price to be closer to the actual value of this product — around THREE or FOUR TIMES higher.

There will be no advance notice.

So if you think “maybe later” to this offer, bookmark this page, and come back…

…there is a strong possibility the price will be higher.

If you STILL see the $47 price here, that means the launch special price is still in effect.
Bad Things Will Happen
If you’re on the fence, let me offer a blunt prediction.

Here’s what’ll happen if you say “no” or “maybe later” to this opportunity.

First, you’ll leave this page and go back to whatever website you were on before.

Then some useless but entertaining meme or cat video will catch your eye and POOF… our little time here together will be forgotten.

Then, weeks or months from now, instead of having confidence in your freelance writing career… you’ll still be anxious, fighting in over-crowded marketplaces, and worrying about your freelance writing dreams coming to an end.

You’ll only achieve a fraction of your true potential.

That would be tragic.

Especially since you were just ONE CLICK away from getting the keys to the castle.

Don’t let that happen.
Get Your Freelance Writer’s Survival Kit Now!
(For the first 100 action-takers only)
This Freelance Writer’s Survival Kit offer disappears after the first 100 purchases.

With much love, 

- Mike Blankenship

P.S. In case you just skimmed through this page, here’s the deal:

Get your Freelance Writer’s Survival Kit system for the special launch price of just $47 and execute simple steps to survive and thrive as a freelance writer.

It’s just $47 and it’s backed by a 60-day money-back guarantee. You have absolutely no risk whatsoever.
P.P.S. If you’re still on the fence, I just have one thing left to say:

I can’t reach through the computer screen, grab you by the shoulders, look you in the eyes, and SHOW you how sincere I am.

All I can do is ask you, one freelance writer to another, to have a little faith, and to take this one small step with me.

You won’t regret it.

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Questions? We've got answers...
Is this for beginner or experienced freelance writers?
Both! If you want to grow your business, maintain the freelancing dream for years to come, and find bigger and better clients, then this system is for YOU. 

I just write part-time as a freelancer and have a full-time job. Is this for me?

It is if you want to maintain a secure freelance writing income, take on more clients, or go full-time as a freelance writer. This survival kit will empower you to take freelance writing as far as you want to take it. 

Will this help me increase my freelancing income? 

Yep! Not only will you discover how to easily find new high-quality clients, you'll also learn how to raise your rates with your existing clients without getting fired. 

Why is it only for freelance SEO writers, copywriters, and blog writers? 

Because those are the only disciplines I have any experience in. It wouldn't be fair to sell this to other types of freelance writers since the survival kit is built specifically for those types of writers. 

What exactly will I find inside of the Freelance Writer's Survival Kit? 

You'll find everything you need to survive and thrive as a freelance writer. That includes self-replenishing & uncrowded sources of new clients, high-response-rate "R.V.A." scripts for pitching your SEO writing, copywriting, or blog writing services (with a 70% response rate), a follow-up system for never getting ignored again, rate quoting scripts, and a simple system to raise your rates with new clients and existing clients. This is everything I've used to succeed as a freelance writer over the years... condensed into one action-packed survival kit.