Attention storytellers!

Discover a New Way to Write & Share The Stories in Your Head... WITHOUT Facing The Blank Page Or Scrolling Through Thousands of Uninspiring Writing Prompts

You've got stories in your head. 

Not just any stories. 

Stories that are uniquely your own.

Problem is...

Where do you start? 

With outlining? Or writing? Or storyboarding?

The blank page taunts you. 

And your stories remain unwritten and untold. 

What if there was a way to pull those stories out?

To tell them to a crowd of people who'd cheer you on?

To build a daily writing habit that was easy and fun

Hi! Our names are Mike & Micaila Blankenship. We're parents, world travelers, and writers.

If you want to tell the stories in your head...

But you don't know where to start...

And you've struggled to build a consistent writing habit in the past...

And you don't have a group of people who read your writing... 
...then you need to read EVERY WORD on this page. 

Because we're going to show you a new system we've created for anyone who wants to write & share the stories in their head

First, quick backstory:
I Go To Bed With Stories in My Head

When I was little, my Mom told me to create stories to help me sleep. 

I'd fall on my pillow, close my eyes, and start weaving fantastical tales of dragons, handsome knights, and epic quests.

It helped. 

It still does. 

But I'd always wanted to write those stories down. 

I'm an avid reader (I read over 100 fiction books per year!) and... well, I'd like to have my own name on a book someday. 

(Maybe you can relate)

So I did what many natural-born storytellers have done -- I went online to find writing prompts and I committed to writing for an hour every morning. 

And I found more than 20,000...

"Great!" I thought to myself. 

And I started writing. 

Every day... for months

Most Writing Prompts (And Groups) Stink

The writing prompts were fun... for a while. 

But they were too vague and random to actually help me tell a cohesive story... or to give me ideas for the story already inside my own head. 

And the fiction writing Facebook groups I joined were nice... but they weren't very helpful. 

People didn't read each other's writing, most posts got rejected, or they were jam-packed with spam.

My husband (who's actually a professional writer and writes over 2,000 words every day for his clients!) and I talked about this. And we thought to ourselves... 

What if there were daily prompts that helped us tell a cohesive story? 

What if those prompts were immersive rather than boring and uninspiring?

What if each one made us itch to tell our stories? 

And what if there was a group of people who shared and read each other's stories... to keep inspiring, encouraging, and motivating one another?

So we created The Prompt. 

It's a new way to help you become better at what you love: telling stories.

Storytelling is a Muscle

If you want to get stronger, you lift heavy weights. 

If you want to run a marathon, then you run every day. 

And if you want to become a writer... then you... well, write

Stephen King put it bluntly when he said, “If you want to be a writer, you must do two things above all others: read a lot and write a lot. There's no way around these two things that I'm aware of, no shortcut.”

The only way to become a better writer... is to practice writing...

... to create a daily habit of telling stories and putting words on the page.

It's no coincidence that well-known authors... are also the most prolific with their daily habits. 

Stephen King - 2,000 words, every day

Ernest Hemingway - 500 words, every day. 

Neil Gaiman - 1,500 words, every day. 

Anne Rice - 3,000 words, every day. 

James Joyce - 90 words, every day. 

Brandon Sanderson - 2,000–2,500 words, every day. 

The point isn't their word count... it's the fact that they write every day

As an audience might bask at the rippling physique of a bodybuilder, so we might be in awe of what these writers have accomplished. 

And yet, in both cases, it's only a result of consistent and diligent practice.

Introducing The Prompt
Check Out The Video Below To See How it Works!
Weekly Themes

If you search Google for "writing prompts", you'll find thousands.  

But they are too vague and random to actually help you tell a cohesive story... or to give you ideas for the story already inside your own head.

That's why, at The Prompt, every week has a theme. 

Currently, we have themes on the calendar like Fledgling Serial Killer, The Chosen One, I Hate (Love?) You!, and These Vampires Don't Sparkle

Weekly themes come in all sorts of different genres -- some are scary, some are sexy, and some are silly... but they're always fun. 

The weekly themes will challenge you to write and share cohesive stories... every week. 

And we're always open to suggestions if you've got a theme you really want to see!

Don't Want to Write According to a Particular Week's Theme?

No problem. 

Every prompt is malleable enough to give you ideas and keep you inspired, no matter what story you’re trying to tell.

Maybe, for instance, one of our romance prompts becomes a subplot in your fantasy novel... or a mystery prompt gives you an idea to enhance your literary fiction. 

It's up to you!

Follow along with our themes.

Or do your own thing.

Either way, you’ll create new characters, worlds, conflicts, and scenes as inspiration for new stories… or to include inside of your current projects.

Immersive Prompts

Then every day we'll challenge you to tell us a little bit more of your story with an immersive prompt.

What's an immersive prompt? 

Well, it pushes you right into the story and gets you actually writing!

Here are a couple of examples... 

“My head feels like I fell down 30 flights of stairs. Where am I? I look around trying to gather my bearings. But so far nothing looks familiar. I ease myself off the floor and cautiously walk to the door. Something about this door seems ominous. Like it’s supposed to remain shut. But with nowhere else to go I reach for the handle, slowly twisting it open. I gasp as I see… “ [your turn!]

- From The Chosen One Theme
Gas prices had gone up — quite a lot. But that didn’t stop [Your Killer] from filling up their tank with Premium Fuel. Today was a good day. One that merited a bit of frivolity, or so [Your Killer] thought. But as they went inside to pay with cash at the counter, they recognized someone they hadn’t seen in a long time. It was… [your turn!]

- From Fledgling Serial Killer Theme
Share Your Writing

This is a lot more fun if we work together. 

That's why we created The Prompt Facebook Group.

Don't just respond to our daily prompts in your own private journal... share them with others!

Have fun. 


Give feedback. 

Get better. 

Become a part of a vibrant and exciting community that wants to see you win

We even give out monthly awards to our favorite prompt responses!

You don't have to share your writing with the group... but we highly recommend it! 

Here's What People Are Saying!

"This is fantastic. The first prompt got me writing for 30 minutes (more than I had planned) and I had a ton of fun. Excited to write more!" - Paul DoCampo

"Fun and easy"

"Your prompts are so fun and easy. I love how you write them. It's like you start the scene for me and I just take it from there!" - Zackary Baker

"Challenged me in the best way"

"I've always struggled to build a daily writing habit but The Prompt has really helped... and the different genres have challenged me in the best way." - Paul Williams II

"I love the group"

"This will definitely help me tell my stories. I love the group aspect, too. Now I don't have to write for an audience of 0..." - Samantha Miller

"Inspire me to start writing!"

"The prompts are awesome. They're so much different than the typical prompts you find online... they actually inspire me to start writing!"- Kassidy Miller Petit

"Finding my voice"

"Not only have I built a daily writing habit (more consistent than ever before!) but I'm also finding my voice as a writer... something I always struggled to do in the past." - Marian Packer

"My story is happening"

"I've always had stories in my head. But I've always struggled to put them on paper. These prompts help me get started and the group keeps me motivated to keep going. My story is happening!" - Nathan Dean

You can get a little glimpse of how much fun we're having in the screenshots below!

That being said...

The Prompt is NOT For Everyone

If you are perfectly satisfied leaving your stories in your head...

If you don't care about becoming a better storyteller...

If you don't want to engage with a community of like-minded storytellers...

Then The Prompt isn't for you. 

On the other hand... 

If you want to tell your unique stories, share those stories with other people just like you, and learn to write like your favorite fiction author... 

Then we're kindred spirits... and we made this for you

What if You Could Write Like
Your Favorite Fiction Author? 

Your favorite fiction authors didn't wake up one day with the gumption and talent to write bestselling books

They started writing. 

They built a habit of writing... every day. 

They got feedback from their peers. 

Eventually, they had a story idea so good that they just had to see it through.

And because they'd been practicing their skills as a writer for so long, they were now equipped to turn the story in their head... into something beautiful and special that others were willing to pay to read

Imagine if that was you.

A year. Two years. Five years down the road... it could be. 

If you write consistently. If you get feedback from others. And if you keep telling the stories in your head with wild abandon. 

How Much Are Your Stories Worth To You?

Imagine five years from now. 

You go to a nearby bookstore to see what you've done. 

There it is. 

The book, cover outward for everyone to see, that you wrote

Pride swells in your chest as someone you've never met before squeezes by you, picks up your book, and says to themself, "Yes. I'm so excited to read this. I've heard great things."

It feels amazing. 

You think you might even write a sequel. 

And it all started because you built a habit of writing every single day...

Why it's $5/Month

The truth is that my wife and I would love to do this full-time. 

Tell our own stories and help you tell yours. 

But we don't want to work with advertisers -- because then we'll have to compromise our integrity by promoting products and services that we don't actually care about. 

Charging $5 per month allows us to do what we love... so you can do what you love. 

Plus, it's a great little investment to keep you committed to writing every day.

Try it FREE, For 7 Days!

We're not going to lie to you. 

The Prompt is new. 

We're currently a tight-knit group of writers looking for more storytellers to join us on our quest.  

And we know how hesitant you might be to join something new like this... especially since it costs $5 per month. 

That's why we want to let you try it for free for 7 days. 

If you don’t like it, you can cancel anytime — even before your subscription renews.

That way, you have absolutely no risk whatsoever! 

This Offer Won't Last Forever

To be clear:

This 7-day free trial is only available for the first 100 action-takers. 

After that, we're going to pause the promo.

There will be no advance notice.

So if you think “maybe later” to this offer, bookmark this page, and come back…

…there is a strong possibility that the free trial will no longer be available.

If you STILL see the free trial available below, that means this launch special offer is still in effect. 

What Happens if You Say "No"

If you’re on the fence, let me offer a blunt prediction.

Here’s what’ll happen if you say “no” or “maybe later” to The Prompt. 

First, you’ll leave this page and go back to whatever website you were on before.

Then some useless but entertaining meme or cat video will catch your eye and POOF… our little time here together will be forgotten.

Then, weeks or months from now, instead of having built a fun and consistent daily writing habit...’ll still go to bed with stories in your head... but those stories won't become anything more.

Your unique stories will remain unread and unexplored. 

You’ll only achieve a fraction of what you could achieve.

That would be tragic.

Especially since you were just ONE CLICK away from building the writing habit that your stories depend on. 

Don’t let that happen.

Try The Prompt Today For Free!
This offer disappears after the first 100 purchases. 

With much love, 

- Mike & Micaila Blankenship

P.S. In case you just skimmed through this page, here’s the deal: Get a 7-day free trial of The Prompt to build a daily writing habit like your favorite fiction authors and join a fun community of like-minded storytellers. 

After 7 days, it's $5 per month. But you can cancel anytime (even before your subscription renews). You have absolutely no risk whatsoever.

P.P.S. If you’re still on the fence, we just have one thing left to say: we can’t reach through the computer screen, grab you by the shoulders, look you in the eyes, and SHOW you how sincere we are.

All we can do is ask you, one storyteller to another, to have a little faith, and to take this one small step side-by-side with us.

You won’t regret it.

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Questions? We've got answers...

I want to write my own story. How will these prompts help me? 

These prompts will give you ideas and inspiration for your existing stories! Maybe, for instance, one of our romance prompts becomes a subplot in your fantasy novel... or a mystery prompt gives you an idea to enhance your literary fiction.

They also are a great way to start your day & kickstart your imagination before you get into the bigger projects you're working on.

Why does it cost money? 

My wife and I would love to do this full-time. But we don't want to work with advertisers. That's why we're charging $5 per month. But you can try it free for 7 days by clicking the button above!

Can I share what I wrote? 

Absolutely! That's an important part of The Prompt experience. You'll get access to our exclusive Facebook Group where you can share your responses to our prompts and get feedback/encouragement on the stories you're telling!

What if I only want to write in a specific genre? 

Our daily prompts come in all shapes and sizes -- romance, horror, fantasy, sci-fi, and everything else. 

You might be drawn to a specific genre of writing, but the point of all of these different genres is to help you practice different styles of writing (a critical skill for all writers to learn). 

Even horror authors should know how to add romantic elements to their stories! 

How will these prompts help me tell a cohesive story?

In addition to helping you build a daily writing habit, The Prompt will also help you tell a cohesive story and maybe even publish your first book!

Every week has a theme. This means that every week, you'll be brainstorming and creating cohesive narratives. Maybe you'll stick with a story that really resonates with you. Then you can use future prompts as inspiration for the story you're working on!